Together we will go through a COMPLETE, 9 step process to bring your NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION to life!

8:30 - 9:30

We'll start by diving into your vision and your mission goals. From there we will create a startup formula plan to not only formalize your nonprofit legal structure, but to develop an operating strategy for your business in accordance with how the most successful nonprofits operate!

Starting a tax-exempt nonprofit is a huge responsibility, and the paperwork can be extremely difficult, but no need to worry about it. We'll be guiding you through the whole process, with our step by step system, answering your questions, offering support, and congratulating you each step of the way as we reach each mile marker towards completion of the formation and startup process!

When we're done you won't just have a formalized business structure, you'll have a complete business infrastructure that can be used to generate funding, start community programs, or qualify for loans and lines of credit to grow your church or ministry!